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Meet Our Lab Members

Check out our “current lab members” page to find out what each of us is up to!

Three Dimensional MRI Reconstruction of Stoked Brain

Three-dimensional reconstruction of MRI in stroke brain. Scans captured on a Siemens 1.5 Tesla magnet.

Changing the Therapeutic Paradigm of TBI

Millions of people each year suffer from neural injury and disease with traumatic brain injury (TBI) and stroke being chief among them.

iPSC-NSCs with potential

Our lab is working with induced pluripotent stem cell-derived neural stem cell lines (HIP-NSCs) in an effort to examine their potential to regenerate damaged brain tissue after a…

Using neural stem cells to study stroke

We try to understand the extent to which our stem cell lines are able to form functional neural cells in the stroke environment.

Meet our pigs!

Through pigs like these, we are looking to determine if NSCs can survive and integrate into an injury site within the brain. Someday, we hope this type of…

Stereotaxic Injector System

Induced pluripotent neural stem cells are transplanted into the penumbra region of the infarct (area of tissue damage) using a stereotaxic injector device.

Porcine induced pluripotent stem cells

These cells come in as many colors as there maybe potential cures discovered by their use. Pig iPSCs: POU5F1 (red), SOX2 (green), DNA (blue).

Chimeric pigs generated from iPS cells

…and 29 chimeric pigs were born into the world. This is the first derivation of live chimeric animals generated from iPS cells in any species outside of the mouse.

The mission of the West Laboratory is the development of novel therapeutics for the treatment of traumatic brain injury (TBI) and stroke. TBI and stroke are leading causes of long-term disability and death in the United States. The West Laboratory focuses on regenerative therapies that promote neurogenesis, angiogenesis and activation of neuroprotective pathways with an emphasis on stem cell therapies. The West Laboratory breakthrough discoveries have shown that patient derived neural stem cells can replace lost neural cells and regenerate and stabilize damaged brain tissue leading to improvements in motor function, behavior, and cognition. The West Laboratory also develops magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) brain structural and functional assessment technologies to better predict learning, memory, and motor function deficits and long-term prognosis for patients that have suffered from TBI and stroke.

Latest News

Morgane Golan Congratulations, Morgane! August 4, 2021 - Morgane Golan was awarded the highly competitive ARCS Scholarship! The ARCS foundation is a nationally recognized nonprofit organization founded and run entirely by women whose goals are to boost American leadership and aid in the advancement of science and technology. The foundation’s core values, diversity, equity, and inclusion are critical...
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Marc “The NSURE” Student August 2, 2021 - Marc Pierre was our amazing Summer Undergraduate Research Experience in Neuroscience (NSURE) student from Columbus State University. He worked on an exciting project developing and characterizing a novel hippocampal culture system. This new system will allow our team to more rapidly evaluate neuroprotective and regenerative therapies with improved precision. Thanks Marc...
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West Lab Day of Fun West Lab Day of Fun! June 18, 2021 - You know what they say, work hard play harder! The West Lab took a break from our usual routine and enjoyed our semi-annual West Lab Day of Fun. The lab had a great time seeing the amazing creatures at the Georgia Aquarium and then made our way down to Truist...
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Chris Littlejohn Wins 1st Place at 2021 CAES Research Symposium April 8, 2021 - Congratulations to Chris Littlejohn for winning 1st place at the 2021 CAES Research Symposium for his presentation “Evaluation of Growth Factors on Their Ability to Promote Proliferation and Reduce Apoptosis in Neural Stem Cells.” This was an exciting project evaluating a number of experimental growth factors to enhance the proliferation...
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Congratulations, Dr. Kelly Scheulin! February 26, 2021 - Congratulations to Dr. Kelly Scheulin for successfully defending her dissertation and earning her PhD! Her dissertation “Preclinical assessment of functional and structural connectivity in stroke and traumatic brain injury utilizing advanced magnetic resonance imaging” was awe-inspiring. Dr. Scheulin is proud to announce she has accepted a position with a medical...
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Master Soo Shin! July 17, 2020 - Congratulations Soo (pictured left)! Soo successfully defended her masters thesis, “An adolescent porcine model of voluntary alcohol consumption exhibits binge drinking and motor deficits in a two bottle choice test”. We are so proud of you!
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