Geffrey “Snook” Cosgrave

M.S. Student

Snook is a MS student in the Department of Animal and Dairy Science studying the effects of neural stem cells and exercise on recovery from traumatic brain injury.

Snook graduated with a BSA in Livestock Management and Industry from Montana State University in December 2021. Snook has significant experience in the meats industry and ranching. He worked at Daniels Gourmet Meat and Sausage in food safety, meat production and packing, and customer service. He has also been a rancher in Texas at Lyness Farms and Wyoming at Double J Ranch. As a rancher, he was responsible for heard health including vaccinations and checking for illness. He also worked to maintain fencing and equipment.

In his free time, Snook dabbles in the horticulture of carnivorous plants and craft brewing.