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Tina the 2014 CAES Undergraduate Research Symposium Poster Competition 3rd Place Winner

Tina Ethridge

Congratulations to Tina Ethridge for winning 3rd place in the 2014 CAES Undergraduate Research Symposium Poster Competition! She presented an exciting poster entitled “mRNA Reprogramming of Leigh’s Syndrome Patient Human Fibroblasts into Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells for Clinical Research.” Very exciting work that will hopefully one day help in drug discovery…
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Amie is Awarded a Morris Animal Foundation Fellowship

Amie Goedeke received a fellowship to work on the derivation of canine induced pluripotent stem cells from the Morris Animal Foundation. These unique canine stem cells can be turned into neurons to help daschunds with spinal cord injury or mesenchymal cells for dogs with bone or cartilage defects or arthritis….
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Amber, Congrats on Vet School!

Amber was a key part of our pig stroke model team. Her project was studying behavioral changes post-stroke and she assisted with histological and MRI studies. This work won her 4th place in the 2013 College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Undergraduate Research Symposium Oral Competition (see abstract here). We…
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