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Where in the World is Dr. West?

Dr. West, along with Dr. Steve Stice, have newly returned from a trip to Nanning, China where they gave a lectures at Guangxi University. In his presentation, Dr. West discussed the use of stem cells to develop transgenic animals with improved agricultural characteristics. During their visit, Dr. West and Dr….
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The West Laboratory at ISSCR 2011: Chimeras and Tumors

The West Lab presented some of their groundbreaking research focusing on tumorigenicity and developmental aspects of chimeric pigs derived from induced pluripotent stem cells. The poster raised a number of critical questions in the field including what aspects enable some iPSCs to be chimeric competent and others are not. The…
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Dr. West goes to India

India is rapidly growing country with millions of people to feed. To produce more and better quality dairy products and meat, livestock biotechnology is seen as the way of the future, particularly stem cell technology. Livestock stem cells can be genetically manipulated to generate cows that have increased milk yields,…
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