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iPSC-NSCs with potential

Our lab is working with induced pluripotent stem cell-derived neural stem cell lines (HIP-NSCs) in an effort to examine their potential to regenerate damaged brain tissue after a neural injury.
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Amie is Awarded a Morris Animal Foundation Fellowship

Amie Goedeke received a fellowship to work on the derivation of canine induced pluripotent stem cells from the Morris Animal Foundation. These unique canine stem cells can be turned into neurons to help daschunds with spinal cord injury or mesenchymal cells for dogs with bone or cartilage defects or arthritis….
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We made the cover of Stem Cells and Development!

  Porcine induced pluripotent stem cells produce chimeric offspring. West FD, Terlouw SL, Kwon DJ, Mumaw JL, Dhara SK, Hasneen K, Dobrinsky JR, Stice SL. Stem Cells Dev. 2010 Aug;19(8):1211-20.   Abstract Ethical and moral issues rule out the use of human induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) in chimera studies…
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